Contractors Insurance

Contractors know that winning bids is essential to being successful but protecting yourself from unnecessary risk is just as important.

Protection for every budget or job

Every business is different, commercial insurance solutions for contractors can range from a basic policy to a comprehensive package. 

The type of contracting business you own, size, number of employees, and type of work all have an impact on the types of protection you may need.

We understand you need to stay focused on work, not the risks you face every day. That’s why we work with multiple carriers to find you the most comprehensive coverage at the most affordable price.

Contractors insurance protects you from accidents or faults that allegedly result from work you’ve performed or overseen.

Insurance keeps working, even after the job is done

Even when the job is finished, there is plenty more work to be done. You may have connected the final fixtures, flipped the switch, and handed over the keys, but the potential liability from your work goes on.

In the trades, you need a solid contractor insurance policy that keeps working to protect you long after you have moved to the next job site.

Who needs construction insurance?

Many businesses working in construction trades: building construction, heavy construction, or home improvement. We offer coverage for every trade, including:

  • Artisan Insurance
  • Contractors Insurance
  • Carpenter Insurance
  • Developer Insurance
  • Electrician Insurance
  • Handyman Insurance
  • Home Builder Insurance
  • Masonry Insurance
  • Plumber Insurance
  • Renovation Insurance
  • Security Company Insurance
  • Welding Insurance...

What about the cost?

Understandably, price is always a concern for contractors. However, with a custom contractors insurance policy, you control the coverages.

Why we're different

Not all insurance products are similar in price and function, that’s why it’s important to customize a portfolio to fit your specific needs.