Commercial Umbrella Insurance

You never know when it might rain. So, just like the name implies, this type of policy acts like an umbrella, providing protection against a wide range of potential financial dangers and unforeseeable mishaps.

A commercial umbrella insurance policy is necessary for a business. It provides an extra layer of protection for situations where a lawsuit or major accident exceeds the limits of your underlying insurance coverage.  It is designed primarily to provide liability coverage for catastrophic liability claims or judgments.

Why Do You Need a Commercia Umbrella Policy?

  • To provide greater limits of liability for any one accident or occurrence.
  • To provide coverage over an underlying policy aggregate limit that is reduced or exhausted by payment of damages.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself

  • Purchase a Commercial Umbrella Policy to add a second layer of protection against skyrocketing liability verdicts that can reach millions of dollars and quickly exhaust a policy’s primary limits leaving you dangerously exposed.

What Coverages Are We Offering?

  • Additional limits of liability for coverages such as General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers’ Compensation.
  • Stand alone coverage or follow form coverage depending on underlying policies and carriers.
  • Low self-insured retentions.
  • Umbrella Limits starting at $1,000,000 and up.